Our Work

Basketball Superhero

Working with Player Edition and Steph Curry, we created a future where sports in the 24th century have devolved from today’s celebrated athletes with incredible skill into gladiator-styled competitions featuring unskilled athletes unfairly pitted against A.I.-enhanced brutes in front of sparse crowds.  The ruthless and undefeated champion Enforcers, boasting they can “beat anybody, anywhere, anytime”, challenge a team of legendary players from the NBA’s heyday, who must showcase their skillset and virtue in the winner-take-all Bi-Millennial Championships to save the game and re-discover for the fans the true meaning of sport as played by the greatest of all time.

Our client had us create a world, story, and characters in the near future where a post-economic collapse has left cash worthless and the world controlled by an elite few.   Fortunately, a rebel band a visionaries with a rallying cry to change the world form a new community called Boomtown around a mission to be unconventional in their thinking and unconstrained by the rules.